Donna Big Tee, Donna Hood Dress, Donna Hot Pants, Donna Long Pants


  S / M M / L
EU Size 36 38


Donna Long Pants: Hip width. S/M 38 cm, M/L 41 cm. Length from waistband S/M 101 cm, M/L 105 cm.
Donna Long Tee: Lenghth S/M 80-82 cm, M/L 83-85 cm.
Donna Big Tee: Lenghth S/M 82-83 cm, M/L 85-6 cm.
Donna Long Tee: Lenghth S/M 112 cm, M/L 115 cm.
Each piece is garment washed, which is the reason for certain rather special irregularities. Therefore it is absolutely natural that the garments, in ACQUA LIMONE line vary in appearance between each other.
The used look of the garments is one of the typical characteristics in ACQUA LIMONE line.