Welcome To Our World!


Welcome to the world of no compromises! To understand the soul of our brand you have to know its roots. ACQUA LIMONE was founded back in 1979 and the first garments were the College Classic and T-shirt Classic. Made out of the finest cotton and produced by the best manufacturers in Italy. Everything we do oozes quality; from a seam to a complete product; the inside gets as much attention as the outside.. ACQUA LIMONE works exclusively with the highest qualities in all respects and shows great respect for ecological values. This is what we stand for.


 ————————————       Welcome to the world of ACQUA LIMONE!       ————————————



Few Is More

Our core values are Quality, Feeling, Image and Design. Although fashionable and stylish, ACQUA LIMONE is not a fashion brand. When a product is born into our range it is not only a question of designing something which we think will sell, it is also a question about consistently following our heritage from earlier collections when it comes to colours, design and quality.

Quality is not only about the material itself, but also respect for the material’s properties and how the final garment will be appreciated by those the product is made for: our customers. The longer our products last the less frequently our customers have to buy new ones which means fewer products, which in turn saves money for our customers and the environment. This has been our mission for many years. When you know that thousands of ACQUA LIMONE customers are still wearing the clothes they bought from us ten or twenty years ago we think we have fulfilled the criteria to use the word quality!

Our clothes are designed for leisure time, when you’re working out, are on vacation or only want to feel good. We put efforts and thought into our products so they make your life easier. One example is our signature credit card/key card pocket which we’ve put inside each top; perfect when going to the beach and you only want to bring the hotel key and some cash. Another example is the fact that all our basic products are pre washed and pre shrunk and soft and cozy to wear. We also design our products so they can be combined with each other; top and bottom, over and under, mix the colors. You choose!

What you find in our webshop today is just the beginning. We have great plans and ideas which we would like to share with you as we move along. We sincerely hope you want to be part of this!



And Who Are You?

Our customers are everyone with high demands on life—men and women, younger or older—who are tired of over consumption, who recognize the value of money earned, who buy to keep and take care of what they have. We discriminate no further! Your ideas, comments or remarks are greatly appreciated!